Main Features

  • Compact yet rugged design
  • Multiple patrol configurations
  • Can be tracked via checkpoint, person, or event
  • Sits comfortable on a key ring


Aventura’s Guard Tour security software can generate different patrolling reports and exports patrol person’s time, place and check time and attendance. Different patrol readers can be setup in advance and can store up to 10,000 records. When the patrol is over users can download daily data routine via USB. Aventura’s software will then process and analyze for the corresponding pre scheduled patrol routine. From our robust software all routines can then be exported into excel format.


Material Durable alloy metal case and stainless steel head
Memory Flash
Storage Capacity 65,535 records
Battery 3.7V lithium battery.  2 year lifespan.
Protection IP55
Storage Temperature -30° to 80° C
Dimensions 4.5″×1.7″×.98″ (115×45×25 mm)
Warranty 1 Year
Part Number GT-PC-SS1